✈Skin Saviours For Your Travels💦

✈Skin Saviours For Your Travels💦

Ever feel like you’re stuck on what skincare to bring with you on a trip? Or that you never know the best time to carry out that skin care either on a plane, train or car? We’ve got all the tips and advice to help you!

Plane Planning!

We believe the most important part of a plane journey is your skincare routine. Especially long haul flights! This is because the air in the pressurised cabins is less than 20% humidity so the air lacks moisture, causing your skin to become dry and uncomfortable. 

We suggest having a little bag in your carry on so you can give your skin a moisture boost whilst on the plane.

Follow these steps for moisturised skin on your journey!

  • Pamper Party Headband
First things first, get your hair out of your face and get prepped for your skin rituals! Our Pamper Party Headband is comfortable and looks cute!
  • Exfoliating Pad

Next, head to the sink in the bathroom and use your fave cleanser on our exfoliating pad and wash your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water!

  • Muslin Cloth

Use our muslin cloth to dry your skin as it isn’t harsh on the skin like a towel or flannel would be.

  • Kandi Skin Facemask

    When you are settled back into your seat, whip out on of our fab facemasks! We recommend the Hydration Sheet Mask to give your skin a hydration boost. Place the mask over your face, sit back and relax for 10 mins!

    •  Jade Roller

    Our Jade Rollers can be used in different ways. Either roll on top of the face mask for it to sink into the skin more or roll on the skin after removing the mask to massage in the excess moisture from the mask.

    • Gold Collagen Eye Gels

    The final step to this routine is our Collagen Eye Gels. Place these under your eye and feel your tired eyes brighten up and hydrate!


    Now that you’ve got an insight into our travel skincare routine, why not try it out? 

    Shop our products at kandiskin.com and see for yourself how it works ❣

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