Started The Gym This Jan? Don't Forget To Work Out Your Skin!

Started The Gym This Jan? Don't Forget To Work Out Your Skin!

Are you one of the many people all over the world that has decided to make a change in 2020 and joined the gym? Or maybe you’ve already been a gym member for a while? Whichever one you are, we are here to remind you to ‘Work Out’ your skin as well as your body!
Prep Before You Rep

It is important you have clear skin before you workout so that your pores are able to breath and your skin won’t feel heavy and masked.

Follow these steps before your workout:

-Start by washing the night off your skin with lukewarm water and your fave cleanser!

-Use your cleanser or face wash with our Exfoliating Pad to scrub any dead skin away, leaving your skin silky smooth

-Dry your skin using our White Muslin Cloth instead of a towel or flannel as this won’t be as harsh on your skin and will feel smoother 

-Avoid using a thick moisturiser after your prep routine as this will block your pores which isn’t good especially when working out as you sweat more.

Gym Saviour

Have you ever been in a situation where you are about to start your workout but you are carrying your phone, headphones, car keys, towel, water bottle etc??

 Our Cosmetics Bags are perfect to hold all your possessions whilst you do your thing in the gym! They come in a range of colours so you’ll be sure to find your fave!

After Gym

It is important to unwind and relax after your workout as you don’t want to overdo it!

Follow these steps to get your pamper night on track…

-Tie your hair back and keep it off your face with our super cute Pamper Party Headband! This is also towel material so it won’t put too much pressure on your head and it is soft to the touch.

-Run a hot bath and use your fave bath bomb! Hot baths relax the muscles and are perfect for an after workout treat.

-After your bath, give your skin some moisture back with our Work Out Facemask. Even though your body is resting, your skin still needs a work out! This facemask will tone and tighten your skin whilst gives a boost of hydration.

-After removing the facemask, use one of our Facial Rollers to release the tension from your skin and increase blood circulation. It also gives the effect of a facial massage which will relax you further.

-To finish your after gym routine, use our Gold Collagen Eye Masks to give your undereyes a moisture surge and give a cooling effect. Use these gels to destress and depuff your under eye areas.                 

You can shop all of these products at and be sure to tag us in your product posts and let us know what you think!❤

Happy Shopping!

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