The Kandi Collection You Shouldn’t Be Without!

Anastasia Kenyon

Posted on January 10 2020

The Kandi Collection You Shouldn’t Be Without!
Introducing our brand new products that have recently launched on 
Kandi Cosmetics! 
This post will tell you everything you need to know including beauty tips and tricks to re-invent your makeup routine.
Cute Cosmetics Bags!
Boujee Bags!


We’ve gone back to the 80’s to bring back the sequin style! Our new cosmetics bags have a jazzy design and retro colours that are perfect for any personality to enjoy!

Going on a trip or just always on the go? Our boujee bags are the perfect size for your travel makeup needs! They fit perfectly in your everyday bag or your night out clutch and make finding your essentials so much simpler!

With Christmas just around the corner, why not treat your loved ones to a pretty yet practical gift in their fave colour!

Choose from:

-All Black Cosmetics Bag                                       -Gypsy Cosmetics Bag


-Penelope Pink Cosmetics Bag                           -Poppin’ Pink Cosmetics Bag

-Radiant Rose Gold Cosmetics Bag                    -Totally Teal Cosmetics Bag

So much choice and the perfect range of colours for everyone to enjoy!

Grab your fave colours now from for only £9.00! You won’t regret it babe!

Glow Mist!

Glow Up!

Are you ready to Glow Up this Winter?! These dark nights are upon us and it’s time for you to shine! Our brand new Glow Mist will brighten up your look and leave your skin shimmering! 

Our Glow Mist can be used at any point in your makeup routine, just find out what works best for you! If used before your base or on its own without makeup, it hydrates the skin and gives a healthy glow. If used after foundation it gives your base a more dewy finish. If used after your makeup it acts as a setting spray so your makeup lasts all day but also leaves a glittery coating on your makeup making you glow all night!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! Our Glow Mist is perfect for anyone, makeup lover or not. Give your loved one a glowing gift this year!

Grab yours now at for £20 and get your glow on!

Beauty Tip!

Spray the Glow Mist on your body before a night out and your skin will be hydrated but most importantly, you will look like a glowing goddess!

10 Piece Marble Brush Set!


Marble designs have been trending a lot recently, so we are here to re invent it! Our brand new 10 Piece Marble Brush Set comes in black or white and they are so cute!

Our sets include 5 eye brushes and 5 face brushes, everything you need for every step of your makeup routine! All of the brushes are made from synthetic hair and are incredibly soft! Perfect for blending that smokey eye babe!

Looking for on-the-go beauty? These brushes are perfect to travel with as they are small so easy to pack but still big enough to create that perfect look! They are great to carry around for a makeup top up during your busy day and will be so easy to find in your makeup bag!

Grab your own brush set at for only £10!

Beauty Tip!

Wet the flat brush before dipping into a shimmer shadow to make the colour pop when placing it on the eyelid!


Happy Shopping Kandi Krew!



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