✈Travel Essentials For Your Kandi Kit This Winter❄

✈Travel Essentials For Your Kandi Kit This Winter❄

Going on a trip this wonderful Winter? We’ve got you covered girl! We have the perfect products to carry you all through your trip.
From pretty palettes to brand new must-haves, we have exactly what you need!
Time to get glam!

Ever been on a plane journey and you find yourself bored and just wanting to get off?! What is a better way to cure boredom than creating a makeup look? Nothing! 

That’s why we have put together this Kandi Kit that is perfect to carry in your hand luggage so you can whip it out whenever you want.

Our palette of choice is the Rose Edition Palette of course! The palette contains neutral shades which are perfect for creating a smokey eye or just subtle eye looks. This also contains a few pops of colour for when you wanna go all out and some glitter shades so you can glow up!

This palette is small enough to fit in your handbag/ carry on and it’s so handy to have with you on the go!

Life is rosy!

If you are feeling abit more daring, go for our Loose Shadow Pigments! We have a range of bright colours to fit your every mood including Red Lust, Blue Marine, Rose and Ice White!

Our pigments are small and compact so very easy for travelling and popping in your bag.

Beauty Tip!

  • Dampen the tip of your flat brush, dip lightly into the pigment then sweep over the eyelid. This moistens the pigment making it stay on the lid and reduces fall out beneath the eye!

    Girl! You’ll deffo need the right tools to go with your palette! We have the perfect brush set that is easy enough to throw in your bag but also has all the brushes you need for your looks!

    Our 10 Piece Marble Brush Set is the perfect travel size to fit in your makeup bag day to day or to take on those long trips with you! 
    Including 5 eye brushes and 5 face brushes, there’s nothing you can’t create with this set!
    Our brush sets come in 2 different colours… and we know which one is our fave😍
    💛 White with black marble print:   
       💛  Black with yellow marble print:
    You want to glow on the go? Our Glow Mist is perfect to carry in your bag for a midday spritz to glow up your look. This spray gives a refreshing feel to the skin and leaves a glowing look.
    There are different ways you can use our Glow Mist for different results. Swirl the bottle before use for a more shimmering look to the skin or shake the bottle up and down for a more glittery finish. Either way, get ready to Glow Up Girl!

    Now, we know what you’re thinking. You need something to hold all of your goodies?! We got you!

    Grab our stunning range of cosmetics bags which are small enough to fit in your everyday bag but big enough to hold all of your goodies!

    Plus, they are so cute!

    Having a glitter/sequin finish to them makes them shine and with a range of colours to choose from, we know you can find your fave!

    Bags are back!

    We hope we’ve covered all the travel essentials to help you on your upcoming trip! We know you will look fabulous!

    Happy Shopping Kandi Krew!💜

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