Winter Skincare Essentials You Can’t Be Without!❄

Winter Skincare Essentials You Can’t Be Without!❄

Winter is here and for some of us that means dry and irritated skin. If you experience this as well, we have the skincare essentials that you need to try to get yourself (and your skin) through Winter!
Winter Wonderland!
Morning Magic!
Do you ever wake up on a cold morning and instantly want to turn over and go back to sleep? Us too! But for us busy bodies that have to get up, we have some tips that can help wake you up and set your skin up for the day ahead!
The most common mistake that people make when washing their face in the morning is using boiling hot water. Yes, this makes you feel better on a freezing cold morning but it definitely doesn’t help with your skin situation as it can dehydrate the skin! Lukewarm or cool water is best, especially if you have redness in your skin as this will help constrict blood vessels.
After carrying out the first part of your morning routine with your cleansers and face wash, it’s time to get your skin prepped for the day!
One of our fave products right now is our Gold Collagen Eye Gels. Place these under your eyes before doing your makeup to diminish dark circles and relieve any signs of tiredness and fatigue.
Our eye gels work to hydrate your under eyes and give a moisturised feeling whilst giving a youthful glow to your skin. Leave on for 10-15 mins then wash your face with water (Lukewarm!!).
Night Time Luxuries!
Had a hard day at work or just need some chill time? We got you babe! Follow our pamper points to help you relax this Winter!

Step 1. Run a hot bath.

 Light your fave wintery candles, grab a glass of wine (or mocktail) and get your favourite book or netflix series at the ready!

Step 2. Bath Bomb.

You can’t start a pamper night bath without a bath bomb! Why not bathe in the stars using one of our Kandi Skin bath bombs? Choose from Constellation (go deep into the galaxy), Starz (relax under the stars), Solar (be the centre of the solar system) and Worldie (bathe in peace).

Step 3. Exfoliate.

Now that your skin is soft and relaxed, it’s time to cleanse and exfoliate to remove the day from your pores! Use our Exfoliating Pad to go deep into your skin, removing dirt and unclogging your pores. This also removes dry skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and healthy!

 Step 4. Face Mask.

Now it’s time to get your skin prepped for bed! Start by relaxing your skin with one of our sheet masks! Our fave for Winter is the Hydration Mask as it gives the skin a boost of hydration and that’s just what we need for our dry skin!

Step 5. Jade Roller

The best way to make sure the hydrating oils from your facemask really get into your skin is by using a Jade Roller. This can be used over your sheet mask to deepen the effect, or can be used after the mask has been removed to massage the oils into your skin. Our Kandi Skin Rollers are perfect for making your skin feel relaxed and you can choose from our different crystals such as Rose Quartz, Jade and Marble!

Now it’s time to get some beauty sleep (not that you need it at all!)

All products listed:

Gold Collagen Eye Gels - £3.00

Bath Bombs - £5.00 Each

Exfoliating Pad - £2.00

Face Masks - £3.00 Each

Jade Rollers - £15 Each


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