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J'adore Glow set

£12.00 GBP £20.00 GBP

Love & Glow is going to help you feel amazing no matter what day it is 🤩 we have hand crafted this set to help your complexion reach it's ultimate glow potential 💫

Cruelty Free 🐰

Each set contains (follow the link for each products individual ingredients);

1x Super Cute Fluffy Headband https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/super-cute-fluffy-headband-lady-pink?_pos=1&_sid=eb1e7c23d&_ss=r#

1x Time Machine Facemask : https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/kandi-skin-anti-aging-time-machine-face-mask?_pos=5&_sid=2a2045f8f&_ss=r

1x Pair Gold Collagen Eye Gel :https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/collections/isolation-must-haves/products/gold-collagen-eye-mask

1x https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/collections/isolation-must-haves/products/glow-mist