Heatless Curlers


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Name: Heatless Curlers

Material: Polyester

Material: Foam + Plastic + Cloth

Size: 3x100cm


Put the curling iron on your head like a headband, you can wrap it around the top or fix it with a hairband such as a ponytail, and then wrap the dry or slightly wet hair on the other side of the curling band and fix it with the hairband bottom. Make sure to tighten and start near the top of your head. Hair that may be slightly moist during the day stays for an hour or two, or hair that is slightly moist or dry overnight.


The product size is measured by hand, there will be 1-2CM error.

Because of different screen types, errors may occur during shooting, so the colors may be slightly different.

Package Included:

Curling iron + 2 hair loops + 1 clip

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