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Honey, I'm Home set

£15.00 GBP


You may want to gift this to a friend or just for yourself but our Honey, I'm Isolating Set will get keep you relaxed at this crazy time.

1. Sit back and relax pop on your Hey Kitty Kitty Headband and cleanse your skin. https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/kitty-pamper-headband?_pos=1&_sid=2cefc77b1&_ss=r

2. Use your favourite cleanser with our exfoliating pad and watch your skin glow.

3.Now you've got super clean skin pop on your favourite moisturiser (after a splash of cold water) and use our Rose Quartz Roller or Jade Roller all over the face and neck. 

4. You may wana follow this with our to finish it off with our best selling Collagen Eye Gel to refresh those peepers. 

1 set contains : 

1x Pamper Party Headband: https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/pamper-party-headband?_pos=1&_sid=360e363bd&_ss=r

1x Rose Quartz Facial Roller: https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/kandi-skin-rose-quartz-jade-roller?_pos=3&_sid=b584d3c4b&_ss=r


1x Jade Facial Roller: https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/facial-roller?_pos=1&_sid=26cbeb043&_ss=r

1x Pair Gold Collagen Eye Gel :https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/collections/isolation-must-haves/products/gold-collagen-eye-mask

 1x Pair Rejuvenating Eye Gel :https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/collections/isolation-must-haves/products/gold-collagen-eye-mask

1x Exfoliating Cleansing Pad: https://kandicosmetics.co.uk/products/exfoliation-pad?_pos=1&_sid=16c34853f&_ss=r